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Hi, I'm Dan. We are back with our acting classes. Join us whether you're a novice or an experienced performer. We make new projects every month. Jump in and have fun with us in St. Louis.

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Each month, we film various scenes in uniquely-different genres. If you ever wanted to build an acting reel that looks like you have YEARS of Hollywood experience, join us each month for a new short. We make it easy to star in movies and TV and web shorts.

  • Classes are $55 a month. It's easiest to pay through Venmo or Paypal through the QR codes below.

  • Email Dan at if you have trouble.

  • Class is one (1) day per month. We begin with a short lecture about whatever aspect of acting we're studying this month. Then we start rehearsing and partnering actors up with each other. Then, we head to set and start filming. There's no better way to learn than to get in front of the camera and act. 

  • These are the monthly dates: 

  • Feb 11

  • March 11

  • April 8

  • May 13

  • Please leave the morning and afternoon open on these days. (We don't film at night.) I can try to work with your schedule, but it's very helpful if you leave 9 am-5 pm open on these dates. Though we rarely need you for more than a few hours on these dates, the more flexibility you leave open, the easier it is on me to schedule you.  

  • Class location varies each month. Some months we are in Belleville, IL and some months we are over in St. Louis, MO. It all depends on the scenes we shoot. Please have reliable transportation to either side of the river.




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