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  • ​Classes are the first two weekends of each month. When you sign up, you are part of both classes.

  • The first weekend is a virtual Zoom class. (So the first date you see below for each month is the day of the Zoom class. I will record the class for those of you who have to miss it.) A link will be sent to you several days before.  Sometimes Hollywood professionals join us over Zoom and sometimes we just rehearse what we are getting ready to film.

  • The second weekend each month, Covid-vaccinated actors will film scenes for their reels. You will see by the second set of dates that you can usually choose a Saturday or Sunday the second weekend (with the exception of one month).

  • We will be doing all kinds of interesting monologues and scene studies that will help you grow as an actor. And you will get a lot of new footage for your reels. There is nothing like learning-while-doing.

  • This fall we are doing a different genre every month. You will get so much film, you will look like a working veteran of show business!

I'm Dan. Acting classes
resume in September!
And screenwriting class is ongoing, as we work on some great projects for the actors.
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