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Hi. Dan here. We've got a busy month coming up with the release of our new movie "Million Dollar Razzle Dazzle."  

  • This Fall-Winter-Spring will be our FINAL YEAR of acting classes. See dates below in the PayPal drop-down menu.

  • We will be re-casting actors for our last feature film in St. Louis, "The Mutts," a family film about finding belonging. Everyone who takes the acting class will likely end up with a speaking role in the full-length feature!

  • Each month, we will also film various scenes in uniquely-different genres. If you ever wanted to build an acting reel that looks like you have YEARS of Hollywood experience, join us each month for a new short. We make it easy to star in movies/TV/shorts!

  • After 8 years in the Midwest, Dan will be moving on in May 2023. So jump in now and let's have some fun Sept-May.

  • Classes are $55 a month. It's easiest to pay through VENMO or ZELLE or GOOGLE PAY, email him at circa87films@gmail.com for more details.

  • Or paypal is the option to use, whether or not you have a paypal account. You can still click through to the credit card settings: