Due to Corona Virus, all classes in April are online, one on one acting sessions with dan. You will be performing two roles through video chat that will serve as bonus features for "Precious meadows," our current sitcom. 


 Sign up here and dan will email you to schedule video chat sessions:


  •   Acting Workouts take place in Belleville, IL on Saturday afternoons and St. Louis, MO on Sunday afternoons.

  • Dan tailors the class for experienced actors and beginners alike. 

  • The Actors Workout costs $50 a month and that includes a classroom lecture, a time of rehearsal, and then filming scenes for actors reels. Last year we filmed our actors in roles from garage salers, assassins, recent college graduates, to Chiefs of Staff of the White House! You get a lot of diverse footage for your acting reel, which shows you as a successful, working actor. 

  • Actors who take the workshop all year will get cast in our 2020 family adventure film "The Mutts," filming in April or May 2020. It's a musical comedy with lots of varying roles ... a movie you can show kids in your life ... for decades to come.

  • Some of our films are on Amazon Prime. Some have foreign TV distribution deals. 

  • The class is equal parts learning ... and then getting in front of the camera and doing!

  • There are approximately 15-20 students per class. All footage from class is available for actors reels.

  • The class is a great place to feel creatively-fulfilled and meet other Midwesterners and make new friends. It's a great, supportive community. We don't allow any backstage drama. We save it for the silver screen and just enjoy each other's company. 


  • For April, Dan is doing video acting coaching. Depending on the state of the Corona virus, we will evaluate May at a later date. 

  • Belleville sells out quickly. Please consider signing up at least two weeks in advance or consider taking the St. Louis class instead.

  • Classes are held at the Abbey Coffeehouse in Belleville from 1 to 3 pm. on Saturdays.

  • We will have a lecture on acting and will rehearse a scene to film, the next week.

  • Please make sure to include your best email address and cell phone number.

  • More details will be sent to you from Dan, after payment.

  • For April, Dan is doing video acting coaching. Depending on the state of the Corona virus, we will evaluate May at a later date. 

  • Class is normally two weekends each month, except for in March.

  • Class takes place at Coco's Creative Lounge. 2870 McNair Ave, St. Louis, MO. 63118. Neighborhood: Benton Park

  • Handicap Accessible entrance and bathroom access

  • Parking available on Pestalozzi and McNair, directly to the side of the building and in front of the building. Anywhere there is sidewalk, you are free to park, unless prohibited signage is present. 


It’s simple: You get what you put into it. Those who take full advantage of these workshop sessions will reap the most time in scene study, coaching, feedback, demo reel footage, and mentorship from ten-year Hollywood veteran Dan Steadman, who has written for Disney animation (Yin Yang Yo!), NBC/Comcast/Universal (The Mascots), and ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! He has also penned, with his writing partner Rajeev Sigamoney, original sitcoms for Emmy®  winners Sean Hayes, Tony Hale, Melissa McCarthy and Academy Award® winner Octavia Spencer. Dan Steadman has written and directed twelve feature films, three with international distribution.


The only way we've been able to make so many films is to crowd-fund them. We do this with our acting workout, taught by Hollywood veteran Dan Steadman. After forming a community of artists in 2014, he continued building a Midwestern repertory company in 2016 with his weekly acting workout, providing expanded opportunities for the actors he has worked with, and for newcomers.  Dan coaches and mentors each actor in a new scene every week, running the gamut from comedic to heartfelt drama. This is from the perspective of a director -- what a director is looking for in an actor.


The 2019 Actor Workout is for ages 15 and up.

@ 2019 by Circa87 

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