"The Mutts" is a new 2020 feature film being made with the actors from the Circa 87 Actors Workout. There will be roles for humans, as well as voiceover roles for the characters listed below. (*Exception: Tyke. Dan Steadman will be voicing that character.)

It's a musical, so there will also be singing and dancing and puppeteering roles on this film. Join the class in 2020 to be part of this family adventure film about 4 dogs who escape from a pound.


Name: Tyke

Traits: Nervous. Great friend.

Lacks: Confidence

Adoptability: Negative, because nobody wants a mutt.

Name: Perceval

Traits:  Pushy, bossy, incontinent.

Lacks: Compassion and empathy for other’s feelings

Adoptability: Negative, because of her bladder.

Perceval from "The Mutts"
Neville from "The Mutts"

Name: Neville

Traits: Tough guy who is in search of a good leader.

Lacks:  Direction

Adoptability: Negative, because nobody wants a guard-dog with a high-pitched voice & bark.

Name: Lola
Traits: Huge heart, a rescuer of others.
Lacks: Vulnerability
Adoptability: Negative, because nobody wants a girl with two tails.

German in "The Mutts"

Name: German 


Traits:  An evil guard dog who speaks in a thick, German accent. The villain.

Lacks: A heart.

Adoptability: Already spoken for by Empusa.

Tyke's Mother & Father

Loving, caring parents.

* Father must be able to sing.

Tyke's mother in "The Mutts"
Tyke's father in "The Mutts"

Street Dogs 1, 2, and 3

Street Dog 1
Street dog 2.jpg
Street Dog 3

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